About Us

ALCO Batteries has been a name familiar with top quality batteries in Australia for over 30 years. ALCO Batteries remain powerful and reliable due to their strict production standards which means you can rely on them for the long term. ALCO Batteries product ranges covers Auto, Start / Stop (AGM and EFB), 4WD & Dual Purpose, Marine, Truck, Lawn & Garden and we act as distributors for purpose made deep cycle and industrial batteries.

Advanced Technology

The ALCO 2000 range is built for maximum flow
of current, the advanced grid design enables faster
recharge acceptance and optimal conductivity.
X-FrameTM technology employs a full framed grid
design which prevents grid growth, maximising the
life of the battery. Plate durability is increased by
using nonwoven tissue which reduces the loss of
active material. A sealed double lid, advanced centre lug technology and rugged construction ensure long lasting reliability.

Used Battery Collections

As legislation addresses the processes surrounding
used batteries, ALCO Batteries ensures safe, prompt and legal transportation of used batteries. Lead based batteries are processed in our own Australian EPA compliant recycling facility. Our team are ready to book your collections today.